Season Finale Live Blog

Instead of the usual recap after the game, I thought it would be fun to try live blogging it as it goes along (except, of course, when I go to grab another beer). Updated as the game progresses….

1st Quarter

15:00 Raiders receive the kickoff, begin from the 20 with a Murray run for a yard.

14:15 Well, that didn’t take long. Carr sack and fumble, lucky to recover it. Carr got smacked in the head by the DL, no call.

13:32 Three and out, King booms it from the goal line to the Donks’ 30, returned almost to midfield.

11:02 Nothing like watching Peyton Manning get sacked after his usual stream of fake audibles and a fake handoff.

9:45 Nice play by Charles Woodson, but looks like he’s hurt on the play. I was skeptical of C-Wood coming back, since he left to Green Bay on a sour note. But he’s been nothing but awesome in his return to Oakland, looks like he can play into his forties practically, and I hope the team gives the man his money to stay as long as he wants.

9:02 Donks have to settle for a field goal.

8:20 Coverage sack on 3rd and 2, for another three-and-out. Of all the things Greg Olson does that confound me, his persistence in calling pass plays on 3rd & short has to be at the top of the list. He has no confidence in his running game or his line push, and it shows.

7:30 Second verse, same as the first — King punting from the goal line to about the 35, returned to just shy of midfield.

6:59 Hayden burned giving too much cushion to Emmanuel Sanders, looked off by Manning for an easy 12 yards.

5:37 Good grief. C.J. Anderson just ran through four bad tackles for an easy touchdown.

4:26 Another three-and-out, but at least King’s punt pushes Denver back to start from their 15. Letting Manning start from the 50-yard line every time would make it a long afternoon.

3:42 Keith McGill with a heads-up recovery of a tipped lateral that looks just barely backwards, making it a fumble return touchdown. Refs are reviewing it, as with any scoring play. Touchdown!

3:42 Random observations during commercial break:  Bills beat the Patsies today, meaningless but any day the Patsies lose is a good day; and Manning looks upset at giving up a TD on that play. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing Brady or Manning pissed because something didn’t go their way. It gladdens the heart.

0:22 Come on. Someone has to cover Sanders at some point. Huge gain to the Donks’ 30 to end the quarter.

2nd Quarter

14:03 C.J. Wilson heading to locker room with hand injury.

13:08 Even with 12 defenders on the field, Anderson walks in again for a touchdown.

11:45 Carr fumbles shotgun snap, barely recovers at Raiders’ 5.  King forced to punt from end zone on 4th and forever. This is getting embarrassing.

9:25 Nice defensive stop on yet another midfield possession, punt goes through the end zone. For all the coverage miscues so far (and Hayden and McGill are pretty raw, and McGill has actually had a solid game so far, scoring the only Raider points), the defense is the only thing keeping them in this game.

8:27 Great poise by Carr getting the ball to Rivera on 3rd and long, taking a big hit in the process.

6:50 Another punt, but at least they got a first down on this drive. Progress!

5:00 Denver o-line getting away with a ton of holding today. Is anyone surprised?

4:32 Another solid defensive stop, forcing and nearly recovering a fumble by C.J. Anderson.

2:59 3rd &1. Please no shotgun.

2:43 And of course it’s a shotgun deep-pass incompletion. What the hell is wrong with Greg Olson?

0:28 Raiders get away with a little holding on Demaryius Thomas in the end zone. Thomas and Manning furious at the non-call. Hilarious. Donks settle for a field goal again.

0:00 Raiders lucky to limp off 20-7 at halftime. The offense has something like 40 total yards.

3rd Quarter

14:50 70-yard kickoff return for Denver. Way to start the second half.

14:08 Anderson blows through Burris, Armstrong, and Woodson for his third easy TD. Hope the coaching staff has their gear packed already.

14:08 How the hell does the center get a false start? Jesus H. Christ.

12:00 Nice run-and-catch to Murray for 46 yards. Game’s getting out of hand but they can at least make it respectable.

10:12 First & goal from the 5, Murray gets stuffed with zero line push. Austin Howard has been getting blown back at the RG spot all year. Either move him back out to tackle or get someone else.

8:55 Olawale wide open in the back of the end zone for Carr’s pass. Very nice drive, finally.

8:53 BS PI call on Hayden. This is a perfect example of why PI calls should be 15 yards max, as in college.

7:21 Woodson down again, injury timeout. Defense looks like they’re starting to get gassed, with Denver already back in field goal range, thanks to that PI call.

Time for another beer. We’re going with Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale today, let us know in comments what you’re drinking, if anything.

6:00 If the D can force the Donks to settle for yet another field goal, and the offense can put together another good TD drive, we might have a game here yet.

2:43 Another first down, Raiders methodically putting together another nice drive

2:09 Oh man, that flea-flicker was almost a thing of beauty, the throw was just a step ahead of Holmes. So close.

1:56 Ugh, McFadden wide open, which is fine, but maybe get wide open past the line of scrimmage, especially on third down. Can’t believe Sparano chose to punt instead of let Seabass hit it in the thin air from 57 yards.

Say, is there a Toyotathon on? It’s hard to be sure, being pummeled by the same damned commercial every five minutes or so.

4th Quarter

15:00 Welker finally makes an appearance, burning his man on a pick play.

12:50 If Hayden turns around there, he’s got an easy INT.

12:15 C.J. Anderson is just peeling off yards at will.

11:00 Donks going for it on 4th & 1, 16 points up. Manning looking like Dracula in a blood bank. Have I mentioned my dislike of Peyton Manning?

10:51 Hillman comes up with a short spot on the 4th & 1 carry, Denver challenges. Stay classy Donks!

10:51 Refs re-spot the ball to give these crybabies their way. Oh, just give them the first down already. Hell, just give ’em the touchdown. Wouldn’t want Saint Manning to cry.

10:21 Aaaaaannnd after all that, they have to settle for a field goal anyway. 33-14.

Not that one wishes for players to get injured, but if they leave Manning in at this point, it wouldn’t break my heart if, say, Justin Tuck broke through and landed on his throwing thumb. I hope there are enough players from this game still on the team next year, to remember this crap the next time they face off.

9:00 Between the bad snaps and the dumb penalties, Stefen Wisniewski plays like a man who wants out.

8:30 19 points down, under 9 minutes in the game, and 3rd & 14. Let’s try a screen pass!

5:16 Good stop by the D, nice punt return from the ageless Woodson. Naturally, they lose 10 yards on the return from a penalty. This is how you end up 3-13.

5:06 Only 7 seconds of game time have elapsed, but about 15 minutes of real time, with two players (David Bruton of the Broncos, James Jones of the Raiders) injured within the space of a couple of plays.

4:48 Another sack-fumble for Carr, this time returned for a TD. 40-14. Is there any doubt Sparano lets Carr finish this mess?

4:44 George Atkinson brings the kickoff return all the way out to the 10-yard line, and nearly fumbles it away. The return game is yet another gaping hole they need to address in the off-season, which can’t come too soon at this point.

4:20 What, they’re not leaving Manning in to pad his Tecmo Bowl score?

2:00 It would be difficult for me to express how sincerely I hope Denver gets the living shit kicked out of them by their first playoff opponent. Instead of keeping the ball on the ground and running the clock out, they’re throwing.

1:56 And they score. 47-14.

0:32 Carr picked. There’s still time for the Donkeys to score again!

0:00 For some weird reason, Denver decides to just take a knee and run out the clock. Don’t they know there’s still some time to further humiliate an already defeated opponent?

Seriously, this game perfectly exemplifies why I despise Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. A team chock-full of assholes that deserve a repeat of their Super Bowl thrashing, the sooner the better.

Thanks for hanging out, despite how the game turned out, it was fun and interesting to try a live blog. We’ll do game grades tonight and season post-mortem tomorrow.

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