Tuck Rule Burn

Ray Lewis is right, whether people like it or not — if not for that fateful call in a midnight snowstorm in old Foxboro Stadium, Tom Brady would have been the quarterback who fumbled away a home playoff game. Bill Belichick would essentially have been forced to at least see if Drew Bledsoe could come back the following season.

Brady can say what he wants; there’s no doubt he earned everything that came afterward. But there’s a good chance that he might not have even gotten the opportunity, or that Belichick would have blown up the team, similar to what we’re about to see with the Broncos this off-season. It’s not just 3-13 teams that get changed over after the season, frequently 12-4 teams who get a first-round bye and drop their first playoff game get changed as well.

The Tuck Rule Game will always be an example of a terrible call altering the outcome of a season and the future — for both teams.

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