Raiders Add Michael Crabtree

This is basically how free agency is going to be in the RM era — pass on the glamorous high-dollar guys, and get a solid (if sometimes underachieving) contributor and give him a contract with a bunch of incentives.

So it is that the Raiders land Niners WR Michael Crabtree, six years after passing him up for Darrius Heyward-Bey. Crabtree had a chip on his shoulder about that, and hopefully he brings that chip with him. He automatically becomes the best receiver on the team, but there’s no reason Streater, Jones, Butler, or Holmes — any one of them or all of them — can’t perform at or near Crabtree’s level.

What this does is gives the Raiders some options for the draft. Chances are they are trying to decide between DE Leonard Williams and WR Amari Cooper, though DE Dante Fowler and WR Kevin White are probably in that discussion as well. With Crabtree on the roster, Cooper would still be nice, could be an Andre Johnson-like target for Derek Carr for the next decade, but if Williams falls to #4, they’re still decently set at receiver.

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