Pierre-Paul To Raiders?

When I heard over the weekend that Giants star pass rusher Jason Pierre-Paul had: 1) mangled his hand in a fireworks accident; and 2) not yet gotten around to signing the $14.8 million franchise tag tender from the Giants, I wondered for a moment what might happen if, depending on the severity of the injuries, the Giants might rescind their offer and let Pierre-Paul test the market.

Someone else is wondering that too:

If it gets to the point where Pierre-Paul is a free agent, the Oakland Raiders would have to be considered a prime pursuer. As of Monday, the Raiders have $16.3 million in salary-cap room. Every player on their roster is signed so they have money to spend.

As the article also points out, the Raiders did not upgrade the defensive end position during the free agent period (although they did upgrade the middle of the line with Dan Williams). Justin Tuck obviously brought Pierre-Paul along with the Giants, making the latter a natural fit with the current lineup.

If it’s true that the Giants are rescinding their tender offer, and they have no Plan B to keep Pierre-Paul, there may be a deal to be had for the Raiders.