Week 10 Final: Vikings 30, Raiders 14

Well. That was something, not sure what. From the Vikings’ first touchdown being scored by the son of former Raider Riki Ellison, you just knew this was going to be an odd game. And Oakland kept it close in the first half, but that 93-yard kickoff return touchdown by Cordarelle Patterson near the end of the half seemed to just take the wind out of the Raiders’ sails. The offense was strangely dormant until it was too late, and Derek Carr found out the hard way about trying to force one in (poor choice of phrase, I know). Topped off with an 80-yard touchdown run from Adrian Peterson, to give him a total of over 200 yards on the day, and once again, the Raiders seemed to not quite know what had hit them.

The next two games are on the road, but against two of the worst teams in the league, Detroit and Tennessee. Rather than worrying about getting that wild-card berth, the Raiders just need to concentrate on putting together complete games in all phases. It’s hard to say which is worse — last week’s game in Pittsburgh, where a solid offensive outing was undone by the defense’s complete inability to account for the Steelers’ two best offensive players, or today’s matchup where the defense still couldn’t get it done, but the offense didn’t really show up either.

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