Week 12 Final: Raiders 24, Titans 21

It took a major break to make it possible, but at least Oakland knew what to do with that break. On a 4th-and-8 play on their attempted comeback drive at the end of the game, Derek Carr fired a desperation pass to Andre Holmes, who while being big, fast, and talented, has not exactly proven to be that game-breaker you look for to save the day.

No matter, as Tennessee corner B.W. Webb was flagged with what could charitably be described as a questionable holding call on Amari Cooper, across the field from where the ball was thrown, and the Raiders got a fresh set of downs. Again, the big leap here is that when they were bad, the Raiders couldn’t have capitalized on that good fortune if you had handed it to them on a silver platter. Now they are.

Amari Cooper definitely picked up where he had left off the last couple games, getting open and making fantastic catches, and moving the team downfield at will sometimes. Seth Roberts stepped up in a major way, sealing the comeback with a great end-zone catch, capping a day where he made clutch plays throughout.

As the team hits the homestretch, with two of their last five games against the suddenly resurgent Kansas City Chiefs, this was a much-needed win in which both offense and defense played pretty well, and managed to overcome some key weather-related mistakes by the end.

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