Game Grades: Raiders at Broncos

Pass Offense: Derek Carr had 12 completions in 25 attempts for just 139 yards. But he also had two touchdown passes, to Seth Roberts and Mike Rivera, and both plays were excellent. The fake screen that culminated into the TD pass to Rivera in particular showed how inventive the offense can be with all the tools at their disposal. Despite being targeted six times, Amari Cooper had no catches, but was double-covered most of the time.
Grade: C+

Rush Offense: Almost completely nonexistent, only 31 yards of rushing offense were generated on just 19 carries. Part of this happens to be due to the Raiders ending up with just 24:02(!) time of possession, part of it is that Denver’s defense is just that good. But the fact is that Latavius Murray came into this game as the leading rusher in the AFC, and you wouldn’t have known it today.
Grade: D+

Pass Defense: If you look at the numbers, you might not get the full picture: Brock Osweiler finished 35-51-308 with no interceptions. But he also had no touchdowns. Khalil Mack had all the sacks for the Raiders, five in all, reminding viewers of Derrick Thomas and Lawrence Taylor at times, bursting through Denver’s offensive line like a force of nature. Only Demaryious Thomas and Vernon Davis had over 50 yards receiving for the Broncos. Considering Denver had over 36 minutes of possession time, the Raiders’ defense did a very respectable job.
Grade: A-

Rush Defense: The rushing defense had a field day, allowing just 34 yards on 21 carries. Dan Williams in particular did an excellent job of stuffing ball carriers Ronnie Hillman and Juwan Thompson. This was the kind of defense where you wonder where they are on the “off” weeks.
Grade: A-

Special Teams: Marquette King, never much of a “coffin corner” kicker, landed five of his ten punts inside Denver’s 20, making all the difference in the game. One of those punts led to the Broncos starting within their 5, leading to the safety, while another led to Emmanuel Sanders’ fumble and Jon Condo’s recovery at the 10-yard line. Maybe King has caught on to Shane Lechler’s method of kicking high-flying, hard-to-catch knuckleballs. Whatever the case, those two plays are why the Raiders won this game, pure and simple. Jeremy Ross had one nice punt return for 22 yards, otherwise the return game in general is still a groaner.
Grade: A-

Coaching: Count this one as a coup by the coaching staff. Ken Norton, Jr.’s defense continues to gather momentum and consistency, while Bill Musgrave, whose offense was inert in the first half, deserves credit for changing up his approach in the second half, and capitalizing nicely on the opportunities created by special teams. The fake screen leading to the go-ahead touchdown pass to Mike Rivera was fantastic, and showed the potential that this offense has, even when Amari Cooper is having an off day. Head coach Jack Del Rio continues to keep the team prepared, focused, and resilient, even after a phenomenally bad offensive first half. A very respectable outing against the likely #2 playoff seed.
Grade: B+

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