Game Preview: Raiders vs. Packers

I’ve been waiting for this one all year, and not just because my wife is a lifelong Packers fan who literally helped pull Aaron Rodgers’ wisdom teeth. Interconference matchups don’t typically mean much, but hopefully the Raiders take seriously the head-to-head history against the Packers. Oakland is 5-6 in regular season against Green Bay, winning the first five matchups and losing the last six. In other words, the Raiders haven’t beaten the Packers since 1987. Only one of those losses has been by fewer than 13 points, and four of them were by at least four touchdowns.

The last time the teams played each other, just over four years ago, could be summed up in a single play: leading 31-0 with 4:22 in the 2nd quarter, the Raiders forced a fumble on Rodgers and returned it to the Packers’ 10-yard line. Rodgers whined to the refs about the tuck rule (remember that turd of a rule?), and not only got the fumble overturned to an incomplete pass, but got a clipping penalty on Lamarr Houston. So there’s a well-deserved ass-kicking due here, and hopefully the team looks at this as an opportunity to take a playoff contender down a couple notches.

Oakland’s o-line is banged-up, with right tackle Austin Howard out for the rest of the season, and center Rodney Hudson questionable. But the Packers’ entire line is wounded, leaving them ripe for Khalil Mack to repeat his all-world performance from last week. Rodgers’ Lambeau crybaby routine won’t work in Oakland, and if Mack can get into the backfield enough, look for David Amerson and C-Wood to make some serious plays in the defensive secondary. Amari Cooper had a nice bounce-back week in Tennessee, after his lousy performance in Detroit, so maybe he can replicate that tomorrow against an 11th-ranked (but again, banged-up) pass defense.

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