Week 15 Final: Packers 30, Raiders 20

Full game stats here.

Two consecutive passes, two interceptions leading to 14 points for the opposition. Today we learned that the Raiders can fight their way back from self-inflicted damage pretty darned well, and that the banged-up defense still puts up a pretty good fight against an elite QB. Missing the playoffs was not really an issue; with the Jets and Steelers both winning, it would have taken some minor miracles the next couple weeks for the Raiders to have been in the hunt even if they had won today.

The last two games will be about identifying which pieces to take forward into next season, where playoff expectations will be very real, and seeing where there will be holes to be filled by free agency and draft in the off-season. The defensive backfield is a mess of injuries and botched assignments — the blown coverage on James Jones was bad enough, but the replay showed that all the deep receivers were pretty wide open, Rodgers just happened to pick Jones. But for the most part the D continued to play well. Again, it was the offense that seemed strangely inert, and at the worst possible times.

Just a heads-up, we’ll do another live-blog for the final game of the season in Kansas City on 1/3/2016. Drop in for a cold brew and chime in!

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