Game Preview: Raiders vs. Chargers

Lots of things in play for this Christmas Eve matchup — did the Chargers play their final home game in San Diego last Sunday? Will the Raiders be playing their final home game in Oakland on Thursday? Will this be the final division game between the two teams (since if the Raiders and Chargers both move to the same Los Angeles stadium, one of the teams would have to change divisions)?

The short week, the holiday, and the weather certainly won’t help either team. The four-touchdown performance by Danny Woodhead against the Dolphins on Sunday leaves him either exhausted or invigorated, and with the Raiders luck, probably the latter. But aside from their performance against Miami, the Chargers just seem worn out, beaten down, ready for the season to end. If the defense continues doing what they’ve been doing, and the offense can generate just a little bit of consistency and luck, this should be a smackdown similar to the one the Raiders inflicted on the Chargers a couple months ago.

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