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Raiders 2015 Schedule

Full 2015 schedule here, with links for tickets.


I tend to be one of those fans that automatically thinks 16-0 soon as the schedule comes out. Every game looks winnable, somehow. Then I start thinking “win at home, win the division,” which means 11-5 at least. Then reality sets in at some point, usually by the first preseason game.

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NFL Schedule Released at 5:00 PDT

Okay, we can all admit it — only the NFL, with its obsession of stoking fan interest year-round, would hype a league schedule (or, you know, the draft) as much as it does. What matters here for the Raiders is really if they can get themselves off to a fast start.

The 2014 schedule looked fine on paper, with only one winning team (New England) in their first four opponents. However, those four games, which included the Wembley Stadium game against the Dolphins, required a record amount of travel in such a short time period. Throw in a second consecutive quarterback switch in the final week of preseason (after throwing big bucks at QBs named Matt), a general lack of elite talent, and a growing sense that Dennis Allen wouldn’t make it to midseason, and they were doomed from the beginning.

With a new coach and staff, some new talent added and more to come in the draft, and most importantly the most stable quarterback situation they’ve had in years, a decent sequencing of games in the first four weeks — especially the dreaded opening game — will help build the team’s confidence and momentum.

Also the Packers. Green Bay is coming to Oakland, Aaron Rodgers was a whiny tool the last time Oakland went to the tundra, and outside of the usual division opponents, this is the one game this season where I really want to see the Raiders kick the other team’s ass. Hard. Oakland has not defeated Green Bay since 1987. Rodgers needs to leave the stadium having nightmares about Khalil Mack and Charles Woodson.

Stay tuned, soon as the schedule is released, we’ll post it.