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Coaching Search Continues On….

This week has not been all that great, as far as clarifying the coaching situation for the Raiders, or in giving fans an outcome they desire.

For one, Mark Davis apparently interviewed Mike Shanahan earlier in the week, during which it was supposedly discussed that Kyle Shanahan would also be part of a “package” of Mike as HC and Kyle as OC. Despite Shanahan’s rock-bottom status with the Raider Nation, I think most of us are at a point where if we thought Mobutu Sese Seko would give the team the best chance to win, we’d offer to help dig him up.

But here’s the thing — neither Mike nor Kyle Shanahan has done anything to distinguish themselves as being especially astute, or a great pickup as far as coaching hires go. They took a highly regarded QB that Washington had traded dearly to get, got him decent running backs and receivers, and still fielded a mediocre offense. So it’s not the 25-year grudge between Mike Shanahan and the ghost of Al Davis, so much as why anyone needs to talk to Mike Shanahan in the first place. His best work was 15 years ago with a Hall of Fame quarterback; the Raiders can get an average head coach just about anywhere. Even his ability to turn unsung runners into single-season superstars with the Broncos was mostly due to the zone-blocking system, which the Raiders tried with Greg Knapp and have since backed far away from.

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Coaching Search Continues

Here’s the latest and greatest on the Raiders’ search for a head coach, courtesy of Jerry McDonald at the Bay Area News Group. Tony Sparano is still the odds-on favorite, in the name of continuity of player approval. And an argument can be made that Sparano, as well as OC Greg Olson and DC Jason Tarver, did the best they could with what they had to work with.

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2014 Season Team Statistics and Position Analysis

Full team and player stats for the season are here and here.

If you had to give the team and season any sort of overall grade, it would have to be Incomplete. There were still just too many holes to fill, that were not taken care of by free agency or the draft. So there are some common themes running through this analysis of all the positions.

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