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Del Rio 2nd Interview Today

Now that the Broncos have been unceremoniously knocked out of the playoffs (yay!) by the Colts (who will probably get the stuffing knocked out of them this weekend in Foxborough), the Raiders are free to pursue current Donks DC Jack Del Rio more diligently.

This is probably bad news for Tony Sparano, as well as Greg Olson and Jason Tarver, but Del Rio has a solid (if unspectacular) career as a head coach with the Jaguars, going to the playoffs with journeyman QBs such as David Garrard and Byron Leftwich. If he can pull in a good OC (Marc Trestman would be a good fit, as would Bill Musgrave) to continue Derek Carr’s development, with their draft picks and tons of money to spend in free agency, Del Rio could get the Raiders back on the road to respectability.